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As an educator Rossco has taught 1000s of people how to interact with crypto. He has taught them how to open a wallet, how to save a private key, and how to record a seed string offline. And yet, while people are naturally drawn to the world of cryptocurrencies and what it offers, they baulk at how awful the user experience can be.

“People inherently understand that traditional finance does not serve us well – if we live in a banked society. And if you are not banked and live in a developing world, the chances of getting banked are slim to nothing. It’s a double whammy both sides of the scale.

“In some ways, it is easier to help someone from an unbanked background to move into cryptocurrency. Firstly they are not held back by legacy infrastructure. The same way most African telephone users moved straight to mobile without having a landline, those same people understand crypto faster. Secondly, it offers access – and financial inclusion – without having to have the layers of identify required by existing banks and other financial institutions.

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“But whether you are a new user or old, no one likes those crazy long private keys and seed phrases. The user experience is just yuck.”

Which is how Mosendo came about. Mosendo is a peer-to-peer payments application that takes a complicated cryptocurrency interface and wraps it up in a clean one. Its aim is to bring the benefits of stable cryptocurrency to people without any advanced knowledge of how it works by hiding it underneath a familiar and intuitive interface.

Basically it’s clickable money.