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Almost three quarters (72.8%) of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled candidates and 45% of employers are concerned about finding employees with the necessary talents. The European tech industry is now growing at five times the rate of the rest of the economy and contributed three of the top 10 largest tech IPOs globally of 2018. There is considerable momentum in North America. Tech talent job growth has accelerated in 23 of 50 markets, with notable surges in Ottawa, Los
Angeles and Madison, Wisconsin. Technologies transforming the recruitment industry at present
are deep-tech, Automation, AI and blockchain.

Providing a deep tech recruitment service is like a business partner for tech clients, helping their
companies grow and scale in this incredibly fast-moving environment. Specializing in markets
like deep tech is one of the objectives of Loughlin Nestor, co-founder of Blocknubie, an AI and
Blockchain PLC.

“The demand for tech jobs continues to trend upwards as software developers, statisticians, and
mathematician occupations are predicted to grow by 30%, 33%, and 29% respectively in the
next decade.

“Without the correct talent, every company will fail in its ambitions. Tech talent gaps can stall
businesses enough that they may end up stalling on hiring, or even worse. For instance,
Blockchain is a seriously complicated technology, and many companies are desperate to hire
experts knowledgeable on this relatively new subject. Not surprisingly, software engineering
roles accounted for about 44% of all open positions in blockchain, open marketing roles account
for 17%. Operations is the third most in-demand role in Blockchain.

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“Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the economy: it is impacting on the way we shop, on the
way we communicate, on the way we do research and even on the way we recruit. AI is, in
short, set to be nothing less than “vital to everything”. Indeed, it is difficult to think of areas that
AI cannot speed up, improve, or otherwise change. US investment bank Goldman Sachs argues
that AI: “is a needle-moving technology for the global economy impacting every corporation,
industry, and segment of the economy in time. AI-related jobs include machine learning
engineer, predictive modeler, corporate analytics manager, data scientist, computer vision
engineer, computational linguist, and information strategy manager. The expanding applications
for AI have also created a shortage of qualified workers in the field.”

Joining forces with global recruitment experts Novi Global, Nestor aims to effectively bridge the
gap between client and candidate. With a worldwide team of recruiting and outplacement
specialists working on our clients’ behalf, the assistance of powerful robotics, a proven record of
finding candidates their ideal next position, and industry-leading tools and methods, we vastly
increase the probability to ensure that the ideal candidate will be found in the shortest time
possible, avoiding the pitfalls of downtime in performance, milestones not being achieved and
ambitious targets put on hold.

“A full 81% of organizations that actively participate in talent mobilization have a revenue growth
on or above target, compared to 68% of other organizations. Due to our global reach, providing
our clients the perfect candidate fit with no downtime is where we add enormous value.”

Loughlin Nestor has worked across the technology sector in public and private capacities and has considerable experties in deep tech and startup ventures. " The raw ingredients of a successful business is talent and capital. Every business competes now on a level playing field - technology. Every venture faces the dual war of acquiring top technologists and funding. Working as a partner in this sector will enable me to plug vital holes in a business and enable continued growth. It is a hugely exciting and challenging time in the technology sector."

For more information, contact Loghlan Nestor on Linkedin