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Today is totes giveaway day with Steve and Yuri. To win you need to 1. subscribe to their channel. 2. Share a Facebook/Twitter link a the bottom 3. leave a message with Hashtag I want to win (and if you win you need a Bitmark wallet to collect your winnings.)

that's all!

About the Coin Chat

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Hosted by Steve Good and Yuri Cataldo, The Coin Chat is the trusted source for all things cryptocurrency and finance. Each week the guys dissect an important issue and cut through the noise and misinformation out there in the world of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs, STOs, and crypto projects and companies to capture the facts that truly matter to you that will give you an edge in this fast-moving emerging market. The Who, What, Where, When and, How of what you need to know in crypto to get ahead so you don’t get left behind.

for more, please visit the Coin Chat youtube channel