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Well here I have to declare my hand. I am distantly related to Anne Boleyn. The story goes that the Godsils are related to the Bullens in Cork, of which another branch of the family changed their name and moved to the UK calling themselves Boleyn. And she, of course, was the second wife of Henry 8th – the Tudor king with his six wives in total. She was beheaded with a sword rather an axe (actually treasonous women were supposed to be burnt to death but Henry commuted that sentence too). It only took a single stroke by a French swordsman and executioner brought in to do the job. Henry still had a sweet spot her Anne (not that I’d like that kind of sweet spot). She had a little neck she said when she heard. Before she died she called on the crowd to support their king and she asked for their prayers. She has been declared guilty of adultery also but she never admitted this charge – right until the end.

She was very smart – calling on the people to support her good king she probably ensured that the life of her child, Elizabeth, was secured. Britain should thank Anne as when Elizabeth became queen, the virgin queen and last Tudor royal, the country and commonwealth experienced 44 years of relative calm and stability.

Check out her necklace – she knew her bitcoin for sure.

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