Last Week on Blockleaders

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This week we met some entrepreneurs and educators, all with a passion for equality and striving to give others the chance to succeed.

We started the week talking about finding investors for blockchain technologies, and ended up covering the democratization of investments. We also covered the equal distribution of education, wealth and the equal distribution of opportunities.

Here are the incredible people we met this week:

Hadi Malaeb: Honest to Goodness Sales

Impacting other people’s lives in a positive way, Agora Group CEO Hadi Malaeb talked about his ambitions to raise financial interest and to find investors in blockchain technologies.

Nelly Moffett – Walking TAAL With Blockchain

Advocating for gender equity and the right to teach yourself about your passion, TAAL Project CEO Nelly Moffet educates women about blockchain and emerging technologies.  

Eric Annan: Building a Pan African Economic Agenda with the Blockchain

Moving 10 million people out of poverty. Blockchain educator, advisor and KuBitX Exchange CEO Eric Annan talked about his vision for Africa and how he aims at making people wealthy again.

Melissa Messe Mwale: The Buzz of Blockchain in Zimbabwe

Aiming at the fair distribution of opportunity, entrepreneur, educator, The Hive Inc CEO and founder Melissa Messe Mwale talked about establishing blockchain technology in Zimbabwe.

Scott Picken: a Handful of Dollars

Reducing the wealth gap and democratizing investments, Wealth Migrate founder and CEO Scott Picken sees blockchain as a tool for the people, promoting micro-investments and increasing trust in the property market.