Last Week on Blockleaders

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This week saw some smart programmers, leaders and developers, building the blocks of the blockchain world.

We started the week talking about the equal sharing of success, only to finish with the world of biometrics and how blockchain could make it fail-proof. On our journey, we also covered decentralization, regulations, a fairer way to trade, as well as cryptography and security.

Here are the incredible people we met this week:

Bob Summerwill: From Building Games to Building Bridges

Building a better world for our children through blockchain, CTO of Varro Technologies and Quantfury blockchain lead Bob Summerwill talked about the decentralization and equal sharing of success.

Domenic Thomas – Finding The Flow In Financial Services

The ethos of decentralization. WORBLI (World Blockchain Initiative) CEO and co-founder Domenic Thomas talked to us about EOS Blockchain, open source, and working hand-in-hand with regulators.

Jordan Gitterman – Taking on World Hunger and Global Parity Valuation with the Power of Blockchain

Using blockchain to re-balance the trading world, Latin America Mining managing director and Item Banc founder Jordan Gitterman talked about the decentralization of trade and creating a fairer trading system.

Stephen Tse: Designing the Harmony of Blockchain

Making a better world through programming, mathematics and cryptography, Harmony founder and CEO Stephen Tse talked about entrepreneurship, cryptography security, community, blockchain and machine learning.

Howard Prager: How do I Like Blockchain? Let me Count the Ways

Making biometrics fail-proof, Biometric Security Investor and ITBiometrics chairman / CEO Howard Prager tells us about his enthusiasm for blockchain technology, and talked about his work with Steve Jobs.