Last Week on Blockleaders

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This week saw some amazing women working in the blockchain world and making their mark in technology.

We started the week talking about adding transparency in the healthcare world, to finish with tackling poverty and social injustice, all through blockchain. Throughout the week, our journey covered the creation of international and decentralized communities, along with bringing renewable energy to the third world and creating a sovereign cryptocurrency for the Caribbean.

Here are the incredible women we met this week:

Roxana Nasoi: Bringing the Human Element to Technology Through Blockchain

Bringing people together and encouraging transparency in healthcare through the blockchain, Crypto Law Podcast Co-Host and Aimedis CCO Roxana Nasoi talked to us about building self-sustaining communities.

Lina Seiche – I think I’m Turning Japanese

A blockchain nomad in Asia. Singer, Particl Project lead community evangelist, PR manager at Spindle and Blockchats founder Lina Seiche talked about educating people on the ways of the blockchain.

Veronica Garcia-Heller – Lighting Up The Developing World

Bringing solar powered electricity to rural areas in the developing world, Bitlumens CEO and founder Veronica Garcia-Heller talked about using the blockchain to help the underbanked build a credit history.

Kimberly King Burns – Playing With the Stars

Creating a sovereign crypto for the carribean. Convergenz/solutions partner Kimberly King Burns talked about using the blockchain as a positive force for decentralization and moving away from government restrictions.

Bonnie Crofford: Fighting Poverty and Social Injustice Through Blockchain

Fighting poverty and social injustice through Blockchain, Predictive Ideology founder Bonnie Crofford creates her own coin to help the underbanked bypass government paperwork and red tape.