Jillian Godsil, Editor in Chief of Blockleaders, voted 2020 Blockchain Journalist by Uptrennd.com

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Jillian Godsil, veteran fintech journalist and recently nominated broadcaster, has been awarded the title of 2020 Blockchain Journalist by Uptrennd.com.  

Jillian says: “This award gives me immense personal pleasure. Like many journalists and content creators I dislike when platforms profit off my hard work. Uptrennd is a truly democratised platform that rewards active users – whether they are writing content or engaging with it.

“I think Uptrennd is not only a game changer in its principles but it is also succeeding on a practical and monetary basis – this means it will ultimately replace other centralised and exploitative platforms and I am very glad to be part of the process.”

Uptrennd.com first went live on January 1, 2019 in a beta format. It is based on the principle that users are paid for creating content and engaging and sharing content. Upwards of 50% of advertising revenue on the site is then funnelled back to those active engaged users rewarding them for making the site relevant, updated and sticky.

Since formation, the site has grown exponentially with approximately between 5,000 and 25,000 users joining each month to a new total of 119,660 as at 16 June 2020. With continued patterns that number is expected to grow to 1.5million members by January 2021.

The UP1 Token is listed on a number of exchanges including Coingecko.  It is listed using organic growth and the founders did not employ an ICO or any other form of crowdfunding to generate value. Currently the token is valued at $0.004036 and has a market capitalisation of $824,545 according to Coinmarketcap.

The recent Uptrennd.com awards covered 20 different categories from Best Blockchain to Best Traincrash and ran from 25 May 2020 to 1 June 2020 with the winning names announced on 9 June 2020. Vist the website

Jeff Kirdeikis, founder of Uptrennd.com, commented: “Our community is one of the most engaged and fastest growing blockchain social media sites in the world (according to Alexa ranking and Similarweb). The site is an example of true democracy at work with rewards going to those who contribute the most. The Uptrennd Awards is another example of our active community at work and we praise the contenders and final winners. It’s another great day for Uptrennd.com.”

About Uptrennd

Uptrennd is an online community that pays users to post content.

Users are paid for creating posts, commenting, sharing content and engaging with sponsored content. The value of these points comes from funneling over 50% of the advertisement revenue directly into the Uptrennd ecosystem.

Uptrennd is an optimized social media platform fusion. Uptrennd brings blogs, social feeds, videos, music and news to one all-encompassing home. The majority of online platforms permissionlessly profit off of user created content and attention. Uptrennd is a movement to shift the wealth from corporations to individuals. This ecosystem empowers users to financially thrive through contributing online content.

During the initial growth phase of Uptrennd, the conversation will be primarily focussed around cryptocurrency, blockchain and distributed ledger technology. As the community grows, topics will slowly branch out into a diverse ecosystem across all topics. Uptrennd will be a one-stop-shop for all things crypto. The platform will provide in-depth educational content for absolute beginners to learn about cryptocurrency. Simultaneously, it will also be a comprehensive platform for those experienced to greatly deepen their knowledge. Uptrennd will bring the crypto world to one unified home.

Functionality Example:
John makes an informative post to the “Ethereum” niche on Uptrennd. Steve, Wayne, and Bruce all found value in the post, so they each give John’s post an upvote. John, the content creator, is awarded points for each upvote. These points can then be: redeemed for tokens, used to level-up, redeemed for select promoted placement on the webpage, or spent in the marketplace.

Steve, Wayne and Bruce are all three able to comment on John’s post as well. These comments are also eligible to be upvoted and earn points.

If Steve shares John’s post to his feed and another user upvotes it on Steve’s feed, Steve and John will split the value of the upvote.

Please visit www.Uptrennd.com for more information and visit STATs for details

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