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Blockleaders Editor in Chief and blockchain advisor Jillian Godsil will speak at the FT Crypto and Digital Asset Summit on 26 April, 2022. As the world continues to explore the opportunities offered through digital assets it is important that womens voices are heard. Godsil will speak alongside a panel of experts to discuss the role of women, education and the future of cryptocurrencies. 

The global cryptocurrency market's continued shake up of the financial system has prompted the beginnings of global regulatory change and a monetary revolution that no one can afford to ignore. Regulatory overhaul, the development of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), the rise of cybercrime, stablecoins, innovation in cross-border retail and wholesale payments infrastructure, and the ‘institutionalisation’ of crypto investing, are just some of the critical challenges that are forcing financial institutions to change the way they operate, and force a change in the perception of fiat currencies and crypto assets.

The risks facing global businesses and financial institutions are vast, but so too are the opportunities. How will the growth of CBDCs refine the multiple use cases of crypto assets and stablecoins? Across multiple emerging markets and regions, how do priorities and use cases differ? What efficiency benefits will open-source, scalable blockchain technology bring to businesses? How much risk appetite do global asset managers and sell-side traders have for crypto assets, and is this likely to change with the advent of CBDCs? What does the future look like for de-centralised finance and smart contracts? And are we at risk of crypto assets becoming ‘too big to fail’?

Key Topics & Themes for the Summit

The latest payments technology trends

How do consumers understand and use new technologies? How are people educating themselves and changing their perceptions of Fiat currencies and crypto assets?

Institutionalising the crypto market

Is the growth of established asset managers in crypto investing forcing the market to change? How will regulatory change impact this? How will confidence in bitcoin increase, and how will investors overcome fear, uncertainty and doubt? Will the investment community provide support for the health and sustainability of the network?

Know your crypto customer

Crucial questions remain regarding regulation and custodianship of bitcoin, as well as the challenges posed by financial crime in the crypto sphere.

M&A and venture capital in crypto

As more blue-chip investors pour into digital assets, is the pace of acquisitions going to speed up or slow down?

The rise of CBDCs

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As the worlds of crypto and fiat assets become more intertwined, what form should new regulation take?

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