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The Blockchain community worldwide is preparing for a 48-hour non-stop online experience, the BlockConf Digital, which will open its doors on Monday May 25 from 9 AM (GMT + 8).

BlockConf Digital is a joint effort between FAS | Fintech Advisory Services and STO Managers that seek to contribute a new tool to the digital transformation and growth of the blockchain industry worldwide.

BlockConf Digital prepared two stages with more than 100 invited speakers like Adam Back, Peter McCormack, David Chaum, Miko Matsumura, Juan Pablo Thieriot, Catalina Castro, Eddy Travia, among others, from companies like Kaspersky, RSK, Crypttp, Decred, Dash, Quantia, Money On Chain, Decrypto, Binance, Kraken, CoinGecko, UNICEF, Blockchain Valley Ventures, AVA Labs, and much more. Kaspersky, the innovative global cybersecurity company with 21 years in business and 400 million+ users protected, joined the conference as a main sponsor. The company has an ultimate solution for securing sustainable blockchain-based systems, Kaspersky Blockchain Security, that the team will present at the event.

The conference was designed to give participants a complete networking experience:

  • Virtual booths with video chats to e-meet with participating companies
  • VIP e-meeting rooms to schedule private meeting and exchange business cards
  • E-workshops to learn more about Blockchain
  • E-coffee break rooms to network with all attendees

BlockConf Digital will also host a Startup Demo Day for those companies who want to present their project to top-notch VC firms from the blockchain ecosystem. Startups can register for the Demo Day by contacting the event team at

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Want a sneak peek of BlockConf Digital?

Join the Virtual BlockConf MeetUp on May 14th at 1pm EST.

The virtual conference hall will be available to everyone for the Virtual Meetup to explore the platform and e-meet with RSK, Decred, and Dash teams. Warm up with BlockConf Digital at the Virtual BlockConf Meetup to get ready for the May 25th.

You can attend the MeetUp by registering at

Registration is available for both experiences: the main event and the meetup.

E-see you at BlockConf Digital!