Editor in Chief of Blockleaders Jillian Godsil named 2019 Blockchain and AI journalist

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Presented at prestigious CC Forum in London

Jillian Godsil, editor in chief of Blockleaders, was named the 2019 Blockchain and AI Journalist at the prestigious CC Forum in London. The Cultural and Awards dinner, a highlight of the two day conference, saw six awards presented to leading companies and individuals in the blockchain community.

Presenting the award, conference organiser Max Studennkoff, said it was nothing to do with her co-chairing event but a recognition of her sterling writing in the past three years. When asked how she felt, Godsil replied “Writing is my passion and so too is Blockchain – combining both is a joy.”

The two day conference saw some amazing scenes and duels between the biggest names in crypto including John McAfee, Tim Draper, Bobby Lee, Roger Ver, Craig Wright, Nouriel Robotina, Tone Vays, Vinay Gupta, Dinis Guarda, Thomas Power, David Siegel, Jonny Fry, Nick Ayton, Bruce Jeong, Mru Patel, Jon Matonis, Evan Luthra and more.

The event also featured a breakfast in the Lords on the Wednesday morning hosted by Lord Waverley.

Godsil was also honoured at the same conference when she was awarded the Order of Merit from the President of Liberland, Vit Judlicka.

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