Easier access to medicinal cannabis and soaring sales in Germany, Key Insights by Adam Isaac Miller | Jun 28/2020

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  1. Regulations changes – This week the QLD government removed the state approval process required for patients to access medical cannabis. Now doctors will only require Federal approval from the TGA, this should lead to an increase in prescriptions across the State. On the other side of the world, the Swiss government wants to empower doctors to prescribe cannabis for medical purposes without authorisation. On Wednesday, the Swiss Federal Council submitted a revised version of the narcotics law to parliament for deliberation meaning the decision to prescribe cannabis-based drugs would be taken directly by doctor and patient.
  1. Germany climbs in sales – Despite COVID-19, health insurance cannabis sales in Germany soared in Q1 2020, reaching a new record high of almost €15 million in March, more than 50% above the €9.5m of a year before. The last data release by GKV, the public insurer reaching 90% of the German population, comes to confirm the ascendant trend of the German medical cannabis market, which has been doubling every year since it was legalised in 2017. Flower sales have owned the lion share of prescriptions, however, there has been an increase in extract products prescribed by doctors. The shift towards extracts is a trend that has been observed in more mature markets of North America and Europe. The rise in access has been coupled with an increase in wholesale businesses operating in Germany, supplying medical cannabis to the market. Thank you to Prohibition Partners for some great insights
  1. Does treatment with psychedelics necessarily require a psychedelic experience? An international research team hopes to answer that question by researching and developing a new class of drugs that offers the same fast-acting mental health benefits as traditional psychedelics without the disorienting, sometimes uncomfortable effects of a full-blown trip. Funded by $26.9 million from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a new project announced this month “aims to create new medications to effectively and rapidly treat depression, anxiety, and substance abuse without major side effects,” according to a University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Medicine press release. I wonder, how important the actual ‘trip’ is to the recovery process for patients – are their advantages to having a ‘trip’ coupled with psycho-assisted therapy to guide patients through the uncomfortable feeling? Does this lead to long term relief for patients? My gut says yes, but only the research will tell. Thanks to LINK for content inspiration.

Highlights of the Week:

  • Make MDMA a Medicine: The Final Stretch an important read for all people interested in MNDA therapy
  • Not all WHO cannabis recommendations would loosen international control, UN drug agency says 

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