Cryptocurrencyteens interview – Abigail Li

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today the tables are turned as Editor Jillian Godsil, normally in the journalist chair, is interviewed by 16 year old Abigail Li, founder of Cryptocurrencyteens. Abigail is inspiration both in her polished broadcasting and her passion. Watch the episode here: Cryptocurrencyteens is a website dedicated to making a difference for […]

From Crypto to Cash

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s the holy grail of the cryptosphere – mass adoption. The second mantra is help the unbanked: notice I don’t say bank the unbanked, we don’t necessarily want to funnel people into a banking system that no longer serves the ordinary people, but to help people get access to finance. […]

VIDEO- Cordny Nederkoorn – testing king

Reading Time: < 1 minute In 2018 Cordny started the company TestingSaaS, a software testing, and marketing consultancy. He helps companies grow their business through structured software and website testing/content marketing engines enabling business development. He is also an ambassador for Find out more about TestingSaas here

VIDEO – Lafayette Tabor, DEUS.Finance

Reading Time: < 1 minute DEUS is a DeFi protocol that allows bringing any verifiable digital and non-digital assets onto the blockchain. It boosts the transfer of value across many different markets and exchanges with unprecedented ease, transparency, and security. Find out more about Deus here

Video – Jordan Lyall creator of $MEME

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jordan Lyall is the Product Lead of DEFI with ConsenSys and Founder of $MEME. He is a tech entrepreneur, product manager, product designer, and early crypto investor/builder. He is also the Founder of Hello Santa, a digital media startup acquired by JibJab in 2014. Find out more about $MEME here […]

VIDEO – Jason Wu of Definer – the OG of DeFi

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jason Wu is the founder and CEO of DeFiner. He has profound knowledge in applying blockchain technology to solving real-world problems. As a current member of the CFA Institute, he is a passionate advocate for financial inclusion and open finance with the help of blockchain, smart contract, and sharing economy. […]

Blockleaders Weekly Report

Reading Time: < 1 minute Join Blockleaders Editor in Chief, Jillian Godsil, and Crypto Expert and Costa Rica Resident, Matt Haynes, in their regular, irreverent look at what is happening in the blockchain and crypto world. This week they look at the price of crypto, the implications of the Coronavirus, Block One and Coinbase, Coronacoin, […]