The Old Man’s Views

Tony no longer publishes trading advice and prefers to leave market commentary to others because, as he says “…most market commentary today is just an exercise in copy and pasting!”. His “Ramblings” are intended to be entertaining, educational, and thought provoking, rather than the “corporate stuff that comes out of today’s institutions”. They are neither grammatically, nor politically correct, and he is not shy of offering his opinions. He has been using the pseudonym of “The Old Man” for over 20-years, and every year this title seems more pertinent!

The Old Man’s Views Fruit machines ain’t finance

Reading Time: 4 minutes This post was originally published on I came into the cryptocurrencies looking for additional products to hedge against inflation and economic decline.   What I found …was a minefield.   I appreciated the ideology behind Bitcoin, and I realised volatility was a significant issue. I also understood how the […]

The Old Man’s Views Happy New Year!

Reading Time: 8 minutes This post was originally published on At the end of the year, we had a few people disappointed because that much forecasted 100,000 on Bitcoin starting to look little more than a dream. But hey-ho, Rome was not built in a day. I am looking forward to 2022 and […]

The Old Man’s Views Oh, Joe! What did you do?

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was originally published on The great thing about internet searching is the algorithms that keep presenting you with the content it thinks you will like.   I was searching searching “major economic downturns” and “declines of empires”, and was presented with links to some new YouTube videos […]