Alex Fedosseev – 1World Online

Reading Time: 4 minutes First published in October 2020 Alex sees the solution for modern communications as a hybrid solution combining editorial, advertorial, advertising and interaction, and the last point may even be the most important. But he takes his cue from what we now term the Web 3.0 – this is where he […]


Tavis Digital and Sonic Capital partner to launch Sphere to invest in Impact relevant Blockchain Ecosystems

Reading Time: 2 minutes Zurich based Tavis Digital and Hong Kong’s Sonic Capital today announce their joint venture Sphere, bringing to light a new era of impact investing in the blockchain space through the unification of expertise between the two companies.  The strategic partnership enables access to an innovative, financially attractive, and bankable investment […]


Sonic Capital Joins Crypto Climate Accord as Signatory

Reading Time: 2 minutes Invited to join Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI) as Fellow under the BCI Fellowship Scheme Joins Crypto Climate Accord as Signatory Co-founder and CEO Stefan Rust (ex.Bitcoin.com) of Sonic Capital, the sustainability-backed platform, has been invited to join Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI) as a Fellow in the Emissions Management […]

Blockleaders.io joins Crypto Climate Accord

Reading Time: < 1 minute Blockleaders.io, the crypto industry platform co-founded by award winning journalist Jillian Godsil, has joined the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA). The CCA is inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement. It is a private sector-led initiative for the entire crypto community focused on decarbonizing the cryptocurrency industry in record time. The CCA’s objective […]

Jason Fernandes, XREX Exchange

Reading Time: 8 minutes My first introduction to Jason Fernandes is via an old MTV clip. The interviewer is dressed in purple (which I discover afterwards it is a homage to Prince, silly me) and seems enormous by comparison with his floppy purple cuffs as he interviews a young, confident 14-year old Jason. It’s […]

Michael Blu – the Hard Metal Man

Reading Time: 4 minutes Michael Blu – Uplift.Art Founder As a precious metals broker, Michael knew the power of a fear trade. In a world where fiat has been squeezed with quantitative easing since the 2008 financial crash, hard assets have acquired an extra allure. His successful brokerage dealt in the message that the […]

Splyt – making commerce work

Reading Time: 5 minutes Cyrus Taghehchian, co founder of Splyt Splyt is a well-funded ecosystem with $2.2million raised in a private sale. While that figure in and of itself is impressive, what is more impressive is that the founders turned down a further $350 million from people wishing to buy more tokens. Stop the […]

Oliver Gale and Dr Anish Mohammed co-found ground-breaking blockchain protocol

Reading Time: 2 minutes Panther Protocol, the privacy protocol, was established this quarter to offer privacy-compliant services for decentralized finance. Panther Protocol addresses a key issue of privacy facing DeFi users, especially those engaged in sophisticated investments and loans in this sector. Serial entrepreneurs and technologists form the backbone of the company. Oliver Gale, […]

Panther Protocol is Hiring

Reading Time: < 1 minute Panther Protocol is building an end-to-end privacy protocol for digital assets (zAssets), which can be deployed in a compliant way on any public blockchain. “Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech […]


Reading Time: 6 minutes Born Digital by Robert Wigley Purchase the book on Amazon Bob spent the first 25 years of his career working directly in the banking industry, most recently as Chairman of Merrill Lynch in Europe. About ten years ago he was invited onto the board of the Bank of England, which […]

Quick Thoughts on FinTech Evolution in Bahrain

Reading Time: 2 minutes by guest columnist Mohamed Isa Note: This is my first contribution to the Discussion Forum of the “Introduction to FinTech” online course by Hong Kong University on EDX. It is my pleasure to share my thoughts on FinTech from our country – the Kingdom of Bahrain. I embrace technology. I remember […]

Gen2 Technologies (BRKK) Announces Sports and Personal Fitness Analytics Unit- InsituX Analytix

Reading Time: < 1 minute Gen2 Technologies Inc. has announced it will form a subsidiary – InsituX AnalytiX – aimed at the personal fitness and sports analytics markets. Management believes that this new business offers significant accretive potential for shareholders – especially in light of the growth of importance of biometric and data analysis applications […]

Control your DNA with Genobank.io

Reading Time: 4 minutes Interview with Daniel Uribe, Founder of GenoBank.io, living and based in Silicon, USA Daniel, who is of Mexican descent did his primary degrees in Mexico but studied in Stanford University where he met Condoleezza Rice as part of the executive programme, and he is also a graduate of Singularity University. […]

Bitcoin is Money? You Missed the Whole Point

Reading Time: 4 minutes In October, I published “Why Bitcoin Matters to Millennials.” On the Voice platform, Thomas Wolf responded with his post, “Bitcoin & Millennials — Why It May or May Not Matter.” In that post, he said bitcoin is weak and governments will crush it. People have said that about bitcoin for years. They’re […]

Harem is more about Bodies than Porn

Reading Time: 8 minutes Harem, formerly TheseNudesDoNotExist, is seeking to push the envelope on a number of fronts, not least of which is to grow the diversity of its own workforce. Building nudes using AI requires a degree of human oversight in the learning process and none of the current team members of Harem […]

Disrupt everything – especially Art (for the Artists)

Reading Time: 7 minutes KateVass Galerie is a well-known contemporary gallery in Switzerland, which represents established, middle-tier and young emerging artists who are engaged with new technologies in their artistic expression. The founder is a Russian entrepreneur Ekaterina Vassilieva – who shortened her name to Kate Vass for easier pronunciation, Growing up in Russia, […]

Nothing is free in Space

Reading Time: 5 minutes You use Space everyday Without the Space Economy modern day life isn’t possible Space is the Fifth Industrial Revolution So says Samson Williams, Anthropologist-in-Residence at the Space Channel, and I believe him on all three counts. He also counters the common misperception from which people suffer as they say they […]

Save the Planet and Earn Money

Reading Time: 5 minutes Stefan Rust, founder and CEO of Sonic Capital, has used his time in COVID to kick start the next version of his career and one that may be his defining legacy: he is on a mission to save the planet and make money. Take that world, kapow! First let’s travel […]

Asset backed DeFi – Gold

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mru Patel – CEO Sapian Group and COO of Flash Group. Before COVID19, Mru Patel, CEO Sapian Group and COO of Flash Group, was one of the best-known speakers on the international Blockchain circuit, travelling to 30plus conferences in more than 15 countries over an 8 month period and catching […]

From Crypto to Cash

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s the holy grail of the cryptosphere – mass adoption. The second mantra is help the unbanked: notice I don’t say bank the unbanked, we don’t necessarily want to funnel people into a banking system that no longer serves the ordinary people, but to help people get access to finance. […]

VIDEO – Lafayette Tabor, DEUS.Finance

Reading Time: < 1 minute DEUS is a DeFi protocol that allows bringing any verifiable digital and non-digital assets onto the blockchain. It boosts the transfer of value across many different markets and exchanges with unprecedented ease, transparency, and security. Find out more about Deus here https://deus.finance/

Jesse Reich and Splinterlands

Reading Time: 7 minutes Jesse, or Aggroed as he is better known, is the CEO of Splinterlands, the most played game on blockchain. His nickname comes from a term used in gaming where one player purposely agitates a sleeping threat such as a dragon; to aggro is to invade a monster’s space and aggroed […]