Digital Asset Insights #21

Reading Time: 10 minutes This post was originally published on Tanzania’s president is now calling for Bitcoin and crypto adoption As per local newspaper The Citizen, Tanzania’s President Samia Sulhulu has asked the country’s Central Bank to start exploring the crypto sector, in what appears to be the latest move by a sovereign country […]

The Risks and Benefits of Trading Digital Currencies

Reading Time: 6 minutes Monthly Newsletter Over the years, trading digital currencies has become more than just a hobby or a way of earning a passive income, for some it has become a lifestyle. Thanks to its volatile nature, some of these traders have benefited greatly from it. In the last year alone, while the major digital currencies have…
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The Digital Asset Landscape February 2021

Reading Time: 12 minutes The month of February began quite like any other, save for a few eventful happenings in the digital currency/asset space. The introduction of blockchain wallet recovery services by Wallet Recovery Services, co-founded by anonymous individuals, one of whom goes by the name “Dave Bitcoin.” The service quickly gained traction with more than 60 requests for…
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The Digital Asset Landscape March 2021

Reading Time: 14 minutes The month began with the adoption of digital currencies for use by institutions and individuals, and its daily purchase experienced an increase. The first indication of digital assets’ adoption was when Google Finance added a dedicated digital currency field as one of its placements, making the digital market one of the five default markets available…
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The Digital Asset Landscape April 2021

Reading Time: 15 minutes MIAMI WHAT? The month of April started on a high note as the Mayor of Miami stated his intention to transform Miami into a “clean energy” bitcoin mining hub. Even though he intends for there to be hydrogen-powered and solar technology to be added in the future, he intends for the city to be a…
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The Digital Asset Landscape May 2021

Reading Time: 20 minutes By the third week of May, the crypto markets saw a bit more volatility coming its way. Did I hear someone shouting, Opportunity? As always in trading asset classes of any kind, patience and a calm-hand are virtues. For those who get emotional, or who are looking to get in and out right quick and…
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Investors back Panther Protocol – what they say (part 1)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Panther Protocol closed its private sale in June which raised $8 million for an interoperable privacy solution for DeFi. The funds were raised from more than 140 investors demonstrating the breadth and interest in the project. The private sale was oversubscribed. CEO and co-founder Oliver Gales says: “Raising these funds will allow us to […]

Lunar Station invests in Panther Protocol

Reading Time: < 1 minute Lunar Station is one of the early investors in Panther Protocol. Lunar Station is a growing player in marketing, community building and advisory for up-and-coming crypto projects and has demonstrated outstanding leadership in this space. Being a decentralised VC with unique technical, advisory and community building capabilities, Lunar Station can […]

EMGS Group invests in Marhaba DeFi

Reading Time: < 1 minute EMGS Group, the French Systems Integration company operating in the Middle East since 2003, has announced it has invested in Marhaba DeFi. This the first time EMGS Group has invested in a DeFi project. EMGS CEO, Hazem Ben Taarit states, “We chose to invest in Marhaba, as it brings a […]

Panther Protocol Releases Ambitious Whitepaper for an End-to-End DeFi Privacy Solution

Reading Time: 3 minutes Panther, a privacy-preserving protocol for digital assets focused on DeFi, has released its comprehensive whitepaper today. Formed in 2020 by leading entrepreneurs and technologists, Oliver Gale (CEO) and Anish Mohammed (CTO), Panther Protocol positions itself as a decentralized privacy metaprotocol that enables confidential, trusted transactions and interoperability in DeFi.  In their whitepaper, […]

Deep Ventures invests in Panther Protocol

Reading Time: < 1 minute Deep Ventures is one of the investors in the private sale for Panther Protocol. It is a leading player in the deep tech investment world and are the first truly decentralized venture capital firm in the crypto space. The portfolio includes SpaceX, Arweave, Ocean Protocol, BitClout, Kraken, and a whole host […]

Master Ventures backs Panther Protocol

Reading Time: 2 minutes Master Ventures, a $1bln Asia-based Blockchain incubator & private venture capital firm, has backed Panther Protocol, the end-to-end privacy protocol for digital assets. In total, Panther’s private sale raised $8 million for its interoperable privacy solution for DeFi. The funds were raised from more than 140 investors demonstrating the breadth and interest in the project. The […]

AlBrza “Powered by GloryThink Group” and Arabs in Blockchain Co-Host Arab Blockchain Week 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes Virtual Summit to Showcase Arab’s Technological Leapfrog COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the Arab region’s tech resilience. Since the 2010s, the Arab Region & Countries has witnessed an upward trend of data outflow and historically high rates of social media and smartphone penetration. Simultaneously, the Arab governments have been directing vast […]

UK Property Investor diversifies into Crypto Investment

Reading Time: < 1 minute UK based property investor, Mazhar Dogar, has made a significant investment in Crypto, backing privacy champion Panther Protocol. Mazhar is no stranger to crypto investments, preferring to find early seed opportunities but remaining therein as a longterm investor. He has an extensive property portfolio in the University town of Oxford,UK, his […]

Skynet Trading bets on Panther Protocol

Reading Time: < 1 minute Skynet Trading, a leading liquidity provider, is a licensed boutique firm focused on the digital assets market. Skynet Trading provides institutional-grade liquidity solutions to the world’s leading cryptocurrency projects and exchanges. Additionally, the team has vast experience in advising, funding, and supporting multiple top-100 crypto projects. Pancho Vanhees, CEO of […]

Insignius Capital invests in Panther Protocol

Reading Time: < 1 minute Insignius Capital, a venture capital firm based in Sweden, holds prestigious multi-million projects in its portfolio such as Polkadot, Algorand, Solana and many more. The thesis-driven investment firm focuses exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets. “Panther Protocol is tackling an important […]

DCI invests in Panther Protocol

Reading Time: < 1 minute DCI is one of the early investors of the new privacy protocol named “Panther Protocol” DutchCryptoInvestors (DCI) is a collective of like-minded individuals that aims to promote, educate and inspire crypto enthusiasts. The Collective actively invests in the most high-potential projects in the crypto space. With their expertise, they help […]

Trailblazing full-reserve regulated cloud bank ready to launch its token

Reading Time: 2 minutes ARYZE, the full-reserve bank built to operate at a fraction of the traditional risk, using regulated cloud-native banking software, blockchain, and smart contracts, is about to launch its stablecoin RYZE. Their “digital cash” stablecoins represent almost entirely credit risk-free backing with central bank deposits and short-term central bank-issued assets based […]

Grow Crypto Forges Growth Alliance with

Reading Time: 2 minutes Disrupting Social Media With OMNI The Grow Crypto team has announced its alliance with OMNI, a holistic, user-centric, decentralized alternative to the mass adopted social applications. This creative collaboration will focus on content strategy, brand identity and market penetration for OMNI. The founder of Grow Crypto and CEO, Peter Carroll, will […]

ETN-Network CEO and Founder invited to panel on blockchain for social impact at Blockchain for Europe Summit 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes Practically every industry worldwide has found compelling use cases for blockchain, the revolutionary technology that, among many other things, allows cryptocurrencies to operate without the need for a central authority. Tech experts have found blockchain use cases in banking and financial markets, supply chains, health care, government, elections, and, in […]

The Unicrypt Network is Ready To Turn Public

Reading Time: 2 minutes Unicrypt Network, a unique DeFi platform that combines a decentralized launchpad and liquidity locking for Uniswap, is turning public in the next four weeks. The project backers are excited about the staggering adoption. Unicrypt has seen since launch, total liquidity locked in its AMM pools surpass the $500M mark. Unicrypt is […]

Is Elon Flirting or Kissing?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jillian Godsil speaks with Mariella Frostrup from UK Times Radio on Elon Musk’s latest tweets on bitcoin and sustainable energy. In reply, Jillian posits if Elon is flirting or kissing and moreover refutes the energy argument using MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor’s powerful video as a reply.

Swiss Asset Manager Tavis Digital and Sonic Capital Endorse Climate Action Blockchain Project Regen Network

Reading Time: 3 minutes – Tavis Digital is offering staking services for the Regen Network’s native token, enabling delegators to participate in the Regen Network and earn staking rewards. – Tavis Digital is the first Swiss asset management firm to employ a white-labelled staking infrastructure to participate in the growth of top-notch blockchains. – […]