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This week we focused on showing that blockchain is more than just a technology, instead, it is the people using it and what they do with it that truly makes a difference.

We started the week looking at how French regulators are dealing with blockchain, and the future of ICOs/STOs.e, only to finish with educating the masses the masses about blockchain in Pidgin English. On the way, we also covered wine and blockchain, as well as protecting the author’s copyrights and staying relevant in the crypto space.

Here are the incredible leaders we met this week:

Céline Moille – Blockchain and the Law: Easy Bedfellows?

France, Blockchain and the law. Fintech law specialist and Yellaw partner Céline Moille talked about how French regulators are dealing with blockchain, and the future of ICOs/STOs.

Sahver Kaya: Curiosity Inspired the Cat

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MIT, wine and blockchain. Algorand head of ecosystem Şahver Kaya told her story. From her early education to her studies at MIT, she explained the path that led her to the blockchain world.

Roselyne Wanjiru: Blockchain Isn’t Just About Codes and Nodes

Enhancing blockchain adoption in Africa. EOS Nairobi Program Coordinator Roselyne Wanjiru talked about protecting the copyrights of authors; and what it feels like being the only female in the EOS Nairobi core team.

Edward Moncada – Blockfolio And The Royal Flush of Success

Learning from the volatility of the poker scene and applying it to the crypto space, Blockfolio CEO Edward Moncada talked about staying relevant, surviving the bear market and keeping a good poker face.

Rebecca Asseh: James Bond Fan Educating about Blockchain in Pidgin

Educating the masses about blockchain in Pidgin English. Tech writer and Crypto TV Plus Digital Content Consultant Rebecca Asseh shared her eventful journey in the blockchain space.