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Last week we explored the idea that decentralization is the new globalization, shifting our thinking towards sharing ideas on a global level and fighting against a one-sided system that only favours a small percentage of the world population.

We began the week covering the campaign to release the creator of Silk Road from prison, and ended up using blockchain to better the health and safety on construction sites. On the way, we also approached the decentralization of knowledge and the idea of bettering the supply chain to benefit all people.

Here are the incredible leaders we met last week:

Lyn Ulbricht – The Light At The End Of The Silk Road

Lyn Ulbricht

Silk Road - the free market that protected its user privacy. Mother of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht and Free Ross campaigner Lyn Ulbricht, talked to us about a system broken because of political agendas.

Chris Bates

Chris Bates: Leveraging Blockchain for Mutually Beneficial and Sustainable Philanthropy

It’s not the tech, it’s what people do with it. Bitland Global CSO Chris Bates talked to us about using the blockchain towards the good of others and for the preservation of sentient life.

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Aliza Rosenfelder

Aliza Rosenfelder: How Blockchain Communities Can Make The Difference this World Needs

The decentralization of knowledge. Conversation starter and Binary District community manager Aliza Rosenfelder told us how blockchain communities can make the difference this world needs.


Brian Laung Aoaeh: The World is a Supply Chain

Blockchain and the world supply chain. The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation co-founder Brian Laung Aoaeh talked about how his passion for the supply chain will change the world.

Ben Churchill

Ben Churchill - Blockchain is a Must-Have Not a Nice-to-Have

Health, safety and blockchain. Besure Network chairman and co-founder Ben Churchill solves real problems with technology, using Blockchain to improve the critical safety in the construction industry.