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We started 2019 by covering the theme of networking, pulling the community and the people together to solve problems and make a better place for each other. Our blockleaders were all about getting positive outcomes through the knowledge of the people and the community, underpinning the positive aspects of decentralization.

The week began with us talking about pulling the community together through collaborative efforts, and we ended up covering the creation of a community for women in the blockchain world. On our journey, we also took a look at the use of crypto assets in divorce cases and their legal implications.

Here are the incredible people we met last week:

Steve Vallas – Raising The Bar Down Under

Steve Vallas

The blockchain conversation starter. Blockchain APAC co-founder and Honey Digital founder Steve Vallas talked about harnessing the power of networking, encouraging confidence and collaboration between people.

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Victoria Clarke

Victoria Clarke: Divorcing? You’d Better Disclose your Crypto Assets.

Crypto, blockchain, family law and divorce. Stowe Family Law Solicitor Victoria Clarke talked to us about her understanding of digital assets, and the importance of disclosing those assets during divorce cases.

Caterina Ferrara_

Caterina Ferrara: Scaling Blockchain Through Decentralised Collaboration

Blockchain, decentralization and collaboration. Blockchain Ladies founder and community manager, and Neuralia digital health expert Caterina Ferrara talked about creating a community for women in the blockchain world.

drop by tomorrow for a preview on the people in blockchain and emerging tech and thought-leadership we will meet next week.